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Toni Costanzi Signs With Sirup Music And His Debut Is Immediately A Success!

Toni Costanzi

The world of EDM often gives us great emotions, great stories to tell that inspire thousands of international fans and producers: this is exactly one of those moments! In fact, our attention falls on a young talent that many online magazines are discussing right now! Toni Costanzi, young Italian DJ and producer, star of this musical genre, returns to make people talk about himself thanks to his latest single “Lies”, supported and loved by many admirers of the sector.

Spotted by the Swiss superstar DJ Maurizio Colella, aka EDX, and his team, Toni Costanzi certainly did not disappoint with his debut at Sirup Music! The young Italian star, in fact, a few days entered the Top 20 Future House of Beatport, remaining there for over a month among names of the caliber of Martin Garrix, David Guetta and EDX himself.

Toni has accustomed us to listening to different musical genres in his productions, and it is precisely this that particularly fascinates us. He first won us over thanks to his strong and purely club sounds, and then surprised us with his latest single, much more melodic and commercial. After being signed in Plasmapool, Housepital and Sirup Music, we are eagerly waiting to find out with which label he will sign his next song.

We would like to emphasize that, if he enters the Beatport charts again, this event would consecrate his third discographic success. Having achieved two successes in a row, at this point, we ask ourselves what we can expect from his future, we have seen many young stars disappear but, according to what we see, this seems not to be the case of Toni Costanzi. He is only 26 years old, but we are pretty glad to acknowledge that the future of EDM could be in his hands!