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Burning the ghost ship down

The danger of the underground scene.

 I didn’t want to have my first blog entry to be too serious. I wanted to start with some jokes and good music. But with recent events, that’s not going to be possible. I’ve stared at a blank screen for days trying to put words down that won’t come. So my dear readers, we are going to take a different path.

 I want to talk about the ghost ship fire in Oakland. My heart goes out to the people that have lost loved ones. The Oakland community will never be the same. I know that we all been to sketchy shows. Places that shouldn’t have had one person in them, much less a hundred. It’s part of the underground culture that we have come from. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been shocked, drenched, fell through a stage/floor or had something drop onto me at an underground rave. I thought those days were behind us. Left in the dark ages of pagers and payphones.

 These places you would expect something bad to happen. Not at a place that is a venue. What perfect storm of screw ups and errors had to happen for this tradegy? What happened to the sprinkler system, emergency exits or fire escapes? I know these questions won’t be answered for a long time. But they have to be asked. By not just me, but by everyone. The truth needs to come out. As ugly as it will be. We owe it to those who died. And maybe it will help those that survived.


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