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Zoya Endless Eternity

Listen to the release here: https://blackhole.lnk.to/endlesseternityep

Promoted Post BannerSome people say there is a thick line between progressive trance and progressive house. Over the past few years, many producers have warmly embraced the intersection of these two genres. ZOYA followed suit in 2023, persisting in experimenting with both trance and house in her tracks. This led to the creation of her first EP in 2024, featuring two tracks, both produced at a tempo of 122 BPM.

The order of creation doesn’t really matter. Tracks were crafted with a lasting impact in mind, reflecting their similar names as a tribute to infinity. “
Endless” transports us nostalgically to the early days of electronic music, enriched with a chiptune sound that signifies enduring vibrancy. On the other hand “Eternity” presents a futuristic dance into unexplored realms, expressing freedom and an undiscovered musical journey, complemented by a piano synth. ZOYA has frequently emphasized that music will forever be a part of her life and that she wants to make sure she will always be remembered by her art.

We’re excited to introduce this magical EP with a progressive approach. It is up to you to decide which one is closer to your heart. Whether you lean towards trance or favor house, rest assured, you’ll find enjoyment in both of these releases. And a little bird told us ZOYA is preparing something big this year, but shhh—until we get further updates from her make sure to give this EP a listen—now accessible on all streaming platforms: https://blackhole.lnk.to/endlesseternityep

Zoya Endless Eternity EP


01. ZOYA – Endless (Original Mix)
02. ZOYA – Endless (Extended Mix)
03. ZOYA – Eternity (Original Mix)
04. ZOYA – Eternity (Extended Mix)

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