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THE DREAMTEAM, among others credited as initiators of the Dutch hardcore scene, celebrate their 20 year anniversary with the release of the album THE DREAMTEAM – 4-EVER. Hardcore, otherwise known as Gabber or Gabba is regarded as the hardest and most fierce style of EDM.


This last 18th of May, their loyal fans were treated to an exclusive showcase of new tracks during their 20 year anniversary party in a sold-out PARADISO, Amsterdam. Other notable artists who have performed at this world famous venue include The Rolling Stones, Joy Division, Nirvana, The Cure, Lenny Kravitz, Amy Winehouse, Dave Matthews and Prince.

Since 1991, The Dreamteam act as the poster boys of the international hardcore movement. They headlined the first legendary ID&T events such as The Final Exam and Thunderdome which spawned the mega-selling compilation cd series THUNDERDOME. With sales in excess of 3 million units, this is one of the most successful compilation series in the history of dance music. Moreover, ID&T is now known as the company behind EDM’s leading events Sensation, Tomorrowland and Mysteryland.

The original members of The Dreamteam consisted of DJ’s: The Prophet (Dov Elkabas), DJ Dano (Daniël Leeflang), DJ Buzz Fuzz (Mark Vos) and DJ Gizmo (Ferry Salee). The Prophet officially parted with The Dreamteam at the very last THUNDERDOME XX event held at Amsterdam’s RAI Convention Center, December 2012. There in front of 25.000+ raging party people, they performed one last show in the original setting. Yet, with the addition of MC Da Mouth Of Madness as an official member, The Dreamteam is still a four-piece group.

Dance Music News Blog

The new album THE DREAMTEAM – 4-EVER has its digital and cd release date August 19th. The album is filled both with new productions as well of remixes of well known hardcore classics.

DJ BUZZ FUZZ:“The Dreamteam 4-ever’ is our most complete and mature album to date. The tracks explore all different aspects within the hardcore genre. Timeless and arranged in such a way that everything’s spot-on. Ten of the tracks are new productions and the rest of the album consists of remixes of older tunes; Real Thunderdome classics.”

The Dreamteam – 4-ever | Out NOW on Cloud 9 Music

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  1. MC Da Mouth of Madness – Intro (01:01)
  2. Buzz Fuzz – In Dreamzz (05:12)
  3. Gizmo – Being A Gangsta (04:58)
  4. Dano ft Skuffa – Don’t Patronize Us! (05:27)
  5. Buzz Fuzz – My Imagination (03:59)
  6. Gizmo ft Symastic – Clean Your Nose (Early Rave Refix) (06:06)
  7. Dano ft Skuffa – About Dreamteam (04:28)
  8. Buzz Fuzz – Numb (06:30)
  9. Gizmo ft Symastic – Get Up (Gizmo’s Refix) (05:50)
  10. Buzz Fuzz – Dreamgirl (Na-Goyah Remix) (05:08)
  11. Buzz Fuzz – S.O.S. Message In A Bottle (04:49)
  12. Dano ft D-Xtreme – @ 4:44 The Journey Begins (04:43)
  13. Gizmo – End Of The Beginning (Headbanger Remix) (05:18)
  14. Dano – Welcome To The Thunderdome (Buzz Fuzz Remix) (03:48)
  15. Dano – We Still Fuck Em All (Leviathan vs The Philosopher v) (04:36)
  16. MC Da Mouth of Madness – Outro (04:32)
  17. Buzz Fuzz – Beathooverz (Bonus Track) (01:16)


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