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Luca Draccar


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Supreme Emptiness by Luca Draccar is a hearty EP that is a must-have for every dance music lover. Luca Draccar is a Berlin-based Italian producer and brave heart of musical innovation. He is widely known for his dark exotic rhythms and Supreme Emptiness is no exception.

Supreme Emptiness is a daring effort that is comprised of four epic grooves. The title begins with an intriguing track that has a distinct drum pattern called Change Your Self. We later encounter the bass-heavy and dreamy selection titled Mind and Soul, a nocturnal delight that is equally fun as it is moving.

Next, we encounter the rhythms and tapestry of Move On. Draccar’s innovativeness comes to light as Move On’s musical structure is layered with biopic rhythms that all tell a story of going within and embracing the new. Draccar sums up Supreme Emptiness with the upbeat Let It Slide Let It Bleed. Not only does Supreme Emptiness capture Luca Draccar’s new sound, but the humanness of self-transformation.