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Just enough pain to turn you on and get your blood flowing but a touch of sweetness to keep you intrigued, feeling loved and coming back for more.

Having not reviewed any tracks or albums recently, I have to say that the new Destroid album “The Invasion” was one hell of a way to get me back into the swing of things!


To say I am impressed by the production, execution and perfect balance of hardstyle dubstep and alluring pretty melodies is an understatement. Not to mention the list of collaborations is pristine. With names like Bassnectar, Space Laces, Messinian, Far Too Loud and Ajapai – one has to assume no song will be anything less than savage. And one would assume correct.

The album as a whole is mind blowing and needless to say I am now a die-hard Destroid fan. Before I found EDM & bass music (a VERY long time ago, =P) I was a punkrock / screamo / hardcore rock – mosh pits – kind of girl. And while I absolutely love and adore the PLUR, nothing but love, everything is pretty – dance side of electronic music – I have to admit I’d take hard/dark dubstep over say… Trance, any day. But Destroif finds a way to create tracks on “The Invasion” where I don’t have to choose between my hard & softer side. Every single track has both elements & commands you to RAGE!

dance music reviews

They waste no time and slap you in the face with some filthy ass dubstep on the first track. The genius of the production is equal to the genius lust that comes from S&M/bondage.

The use of glitch-hop / videogame bass music sounds – with gnarly dubstep and beautiful melodies is flawless.

While this definitely isn’t the album for a newbie to the EDM /dubstep scene, or for the faint of heart, those of you who appreciate a darker, grittier sound will fall at Destroid’s feet after hearing this album. Like the best red wine, their style is definitely an acquired taste. And just like an aged, perfect red wine – without knowledge and appreciation for what exactly it is you are hearing (tasting), you’ll never really understand just how amazing it is.

The entire piece has a horror movie soundtrack kind of feel to it with as I’ve mentioned some glitch-hop & even trap influences. Tracks like “Put It Down” with Bassnectar will be staples on both trap and dubstep DJ’s playlists.. Both artists’ best qualities are amplified in this track and I cannot wait to see what other DJ’s & producers’ do with it. In my opinion it’s one of the best tracks on the entire album. Which, considering the combination of the bass superpowers from both Bassnectar & Excision – seems like it should be a no brainer.

Another one of my personal favorites off “The Invasion” is track #7 with Space Laces called “Bounce.” For lack of a better term this song is fucking ILL! I love the scary / ghost / ghoulish /creeper step kind of sound it has. And it definitely makes you bounce! Again, I look forward to seeing the remixes and mash-up’s of this one in the club scene and on Soundcloud soon.

Destroid LogoThe collaboration tracks with Messinian, Far Too Loud & Ajapai are just as wicked as the Bassnectar track but all for different reasons. “Flip the Switch” feat Messinian is amazing. How a hard dubstep track can have a middle eastern feel and glitch hop vibe all at the same time is mind boggling to me but of course Excision nails it.

‘Annihilate’ w/ Far Too Loud is fucking epic. Its melodies are gorgeous and captivate your mind while it sucks you in, only to shake your skull and rattle your chest with its gnarly drops. This track reminds you that EDM can be beautiful while also being dark, dirty, and raw.

Track #9 titled “Blast Off” with Ajapai is full of surprises. It starts out being the most ‘radio friendly’ track on the entire album but quickly turns into one filthy ass track. This song is completely unpredictable but in the very best way. The first drop is out of this world and brings in one shadowy trap style beat that is a blast to dance to. Then just as you get into your groove it reverts back to banger/ rage face melting mode. I love the real drums & piano mixed flawlessly with the bleeps-bloops and the dirty backbeat. The best of all of EDM comes together perfectly in this track, making it by far my favorite song on the entire C.D.

All in all I was more then pleasantly surprised by Destroid’s “The Invasion.” The production style is something to be applauded and they show us just how far electronic dance music – and its sub-genre’s – has really come in the past 5 -10 years.

So enough! Stop reading, click the link, put on your headphones, rage your feckin (yes I said feckin) balls off and come to the dark-side. I can guarantee with “The Invasion” as the soundtrack you’ll more than like it here.

Buy “The Invasion” on iTunes : http://bit.ly/THEINVASION