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Lucas Vane

Listen to the release here: https://blackhole.lnk.to/lostforyou

Promoted Post BannerLukas Vane’s journey evolved with the dynamic energy of Amsterdam propelling him from an EDM visionary to a city icon. Within his studio, he meticulously crafted a unique soundscape that defined the pulse of the city. Lukas’s music became synonymous with lively club nights, with each beat weaving its own narrative. Beyond the dancefloor, his compositions provided emotional solace, highlighting his ability to create both danceable and thought-provoking tracks. As his influence in the EDM scene expanded, Lukas embraced collaborations and experimental sounds, undergoing a transformation into a storyteller whose resonance reached a diverse audience.

With a distinctive approach, he possesses the ability to intuitively understand the audience and seamlessly blend it with his own style. His musical range spans from dance to pop with infused disco influences, unified through his skillful creation of self-made mashups, bootlegs, and edits. Garnering recognition from major labels, including Protocol Recordings, Armada Music, and Smash the House, among others, Lukas Vane’s talent was further recognized by Black Hole Recordings, solidifying his status as a promising and emerging artist.

That’s why his newest release finds its home with Magik Muzik. “Lost For You” unfolds as a vibrant melodic techno project, complemented by a subtle hint of tech house. Unexpectedly, an uplifting trance vocal emerges, infusing an emotional vibe and serving as the perfect ingredient. Now, we’re gearing up for a night out! How about you? Lukas Vane is definitely on track for major achievements this year, so stay tuned for more upcoming tracks. Explore “Lost For You” until his next release; it is currently accessible on all streaming platforms: https://blackhole.lnk.to/lostforyou

Lukas Vane Lost For You


01. Lukas Vane – Lost For You (Original Mix)
02. Lukas Vane – Lost For You (Extended Mix)




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