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Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: DUBSTEP SENSATION VASKI


DJ Interviews

Dubstep sensation VASKI is currently on tour with EXCISION. We found a moment with him to share his experiences!


You just rocked Seattle a few weeks ago. Did you enjoy a good cup of Starbucks ahead of your performance?

Haha nah, I get enough energy just knowing I’m about to perform. Being a good performer is all about knowing how to take the nervous energy you have and turn it into good stage presence.

What would you like to say to the Seattle crowd?

Thanks for rockin it with me! I loved playing my song “insane” and singing along with you guys – Can’t wait to come back!

Dance Music NewsYour top 5 dubstep tracks of the moment?

Flux pavilion – I still can’t stop

The frim – baseline skanka

Killsonik – walrus

Ellie goulding – figure 8 (xilent remix)

Tantrum desire – guided rhythm

Are there any genres from EDM that really caught your ear lately besides dubstep?

I love the stuff flume and toro y moi have been putting out lately. I don’t think it has a genre name really but it is a specific sound. It’s like indie dance but with sick drum beats.

What do you think of Trap?

I think it’s cool. It’s interesting to me that it got so popular so fast, but Dubstep was also getting pretty stale at that time as well. Lots of bandwagoning going on. I play some trap in my Dj sets, it’s nice to be able to change the pace a little bit.

The best thing about groupies?

What’s not to like about hot scandalous fans?

Anything else you would like to mention?

2013 is the year of dance music, let’s take this all the way to the top!